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At Paycom, we help ensure payrolls are processed quickly and perfectly, so that your efforts to attract, hire, engage and retain great employees are never blemished by errors.

By automating your processes with Paycom’s single software, you eliminate the frustration of manually entering data and integrating multiple systems. Because Paycom empowers businesses with one system of record for employees, any information affecting payroll is entered once, with changes taking effect systemwide.

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Paycom Pay eliminates the tedious job of check reconciliation by issuing checks to your employees that clear off a Paycom bank account.

  • Issue live checks to employees that clear off a Paycom bank account.
  • Have your net payroll, taxes and fees drafted from your account.
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GL Concierge simplifies the process of entering payroll data into your General Ledger (GL). Eliminate errors and save time by generating perfectly mapped GL reports for direct import into your accounting software.

  • Simple Setup
    • A clean layout and setup wizard walk you through the easy, five-step process
    • Intuitive, drag-and-drop functionality makes grouping accounts a breeze
    • Code preview and validation ensures your GL maps are set up correctly before running reports
  • Powerful Reporting
    • Control your data output with an unprecedented level of on-demand detail
    • Run any GL map with any file layout
    • Combine payroll GL reports across multiple EINs
    • Works with Paycom’s Push Reporting product, so recurring reports can be generated and sent to necessary recipients automatically
  • Custom File Layouts
    • Enjoy a visually familiar, spreadsheet-like interface to build a file the way you want it
    • Drag and drop needed fields with simplicity
    • Easily manage multiple file layouts for a variety of purposes
    • Import directly into various accounting packages
  • Transparent Auditing
    • Quickly see which user performed what action
    • Audit any changes over any date range to ensure accuracy of your map setup
  • Exception Handling
    • Receive notification of payroll GL changes that impact reporting and either correct or dismiss the exception
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Expense Management from Paycom eliminates the manual, paper-based processes associated with employee expense reimbursement. Employers can control expenses by setting clearly defined parameters for employees with expense rules and categories, as well as by monitoring expenses with a variety of reports.

Employees enjoy the convenience of uploading receipts through Employee Self-Service when submitting their expenses. In their Expense Dashboard, they can view the status of their submitted expenses. Payroll is automatically updated with the approved reimbursement amounts.

  • Set expense rules by specifying the type of deduction, dollar amount and how expenses should be reimbursed.
  • Have expenses that do not meet your parameters flagged for investigation.
  • Group expenses together in categories with reimbursement limits.
  • Assign expense rules and categories to a specific employee or group of employees with expense classes.
  • Give employees the ability to upload receipts and submit reimbursement requests through Employee Self-Service and view the status of reimbursement requests via an Expense Dashboard.
  • Update payroll automatically with the employee reimbursement information.
  • Monitor expense activity with a variety of reports.

Reports include:

  • Expense Audit Report — Shows the disposition of each expense and the individual approver who took action on the expense during the approval process.
  • Transaction Reports — Paycom helps you reconcile expenses with this report. View all expense reimbursement transactions.
  • Approval Report — This report enables you to determine what expenses were approved, who approved them and the amounts approved.
  • Expense Classes Report — View all employees who have been assigned to an expense class.

Expense Management, enhanced:

  • Mileage Tracker — Helps employees accurately, effortlessly track and submit business mileage from their mobile device.
  • FAVR — Customizes your mileage reimbursement rate so you never overpay on reimbursements, while remaining IRS-compliant.
  • Experience greater convenience and tighter budget control by purchasing these features to enhance your Expense Management tool.
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Garnishment Management from Paycom can help reduce your company’s liability regarding employee garnishments. Outsourcing these complex requirements mitigates the risk of penalties and lawsuits from employees and agencies, and reduces your time and resources spent on answering garnishment questions and calculating and tracking garnishment payments.

  • Alleviate costly calculating errors.
  • Reduce direct communication with garnishment agencies.
  • Electronically send garnishment orders to employees through Employee Self-Service.
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Payroll Tax Management can help you limit your payroll tax responsibilities by handling your payroll taxes and deposits. Regardless of when you switch during the year, Paycom converts and balances all year-to-date totals. Paycom also takes responsibility for the 941 (even mid-quarter) and the 940 (even if Paycom doesn’t do your payroll all year), and your employees will get only one W-2.

  • Limit your payroll tax responsibilities.
  • Paycom will debit your payroll taxes, deposit them on their due date and sign and remit your payroll tax filings.
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Online Payroll Processing with Paycom is seamless. The system updates automatically to changes in employee information and offers other time-saving functionality such as batch editing and effective dating. Audit trails and custom logins protect sensitive employee information. Anytime access to make changes, run payroll and generate reports provides not only convenience, but peace of mind, knowing you can do your job whenever and from wherever it’s necessary. Getting it right the first time is a Paycom priority and the Input Validation Report lets you verify payroll prior to processing. Your reports are ready quickly and you have the expertise of your dedicated specialist to call upon as needed.

  • Enjoy cloud-based convenience for making changes, running reports and processing payroll from anywhere, at any time.
  • Scalable design adds flexibility and allows you to customize payrolls to fit your company’s unique needs.
  • Remain proactive in the payroll process by easily delegating tasks to unlimited number of users. Customizable access for separate duties ensures confidential information is protected.
  • Automatically update payroll with time data and employee changes without rekeying information.
  • Select future start dates for earnings and deductions with effective dating.
  • Simplify manual check processes by factoring all earnings and deductions that are automatically scheduled on the next payroll run.
  • Check the Input Validation Report to verify payroll is correct before processing. If changes are needed, simply update the payroll without starting over.
  • Receive a large number of standard reports within hours of submitting payroll or create custom reports with Paycom’s easy-to-use Report Writer. Report across years and multiple FEINs.
  • Utilize internal controls and audit trails to ensure compliance.
  • Track all system changes with an audit trail that reports the time and date changes were made, who made them and the old and new values.
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Enhanced ACA from Paycom is the business solution for complying with the ever-changing complexities of the Affordable Care Act. You’ll receive the convenience of having all your ACA data in a real-time dashboard, plus:

  • Peace of mind
  • IRS Forms 1094/1095-B or -C filed for you
  • Proactive alerts on actionable items
  • Comprehensive reporting and monitoring
  • Legislative updates

Features include:

  • Monitoring — Get alerts on key events like approaching Applicable Large Employer status, workers nearing full-time status or employees with measurement periods ending.
  • Evaluation — Audit and review historical and current ACA data, as well as employer shared responsibility requirements.
  • Reporting — Monitor ACA status changes, trending hours, coverage affordability, employee coverage percent offered, Applicable Large Employer trends and “pay or play” calculations.
  • Education — Get the latest legislation overviews, compliance requirements and ongoing updates.
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If you can measure your payroll activity, you can manage it. Paycom helps you do just that with more insight into your information than any other provider. Our real-time Report Center offers the ability not only to report across all data stored in the system, but across multiple years and EINs, in a variety of formats, with several types of payroll reports.

Reports include:

  • Accrual Report
  • Employee Check Listing
  • Employee Turnover by Department
  • Approved Expenses
  • Expense Audit
  • Garnishment Report
  • Labor Allocation
  • Wages and Tax Report
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Expense Management and Advanced Report Writers allow you to create custom reports for a more comprehensive and graphical analysis of your activity.
  • Push Reporting lets you set up recurring reports once and schedule them to automatically be run and sent to specific users daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  • Inbox Reports are generated after each payroll and include your Check Register, Direct Deposit Register, Unused Deductions Report, Payroll Distributed Summary Report and many more.
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